Dear friends,

Another really fun happening in Chiang Mai last weekend when I took a painting class with the talented Chris Chun.  He had generously offered a class, even with bubbly and cakes as an extra attraction, as one of the auction items at the Skills for Life Foundation fundraising event some months ago and three friends and I had bid successfully for the class.

Armed with aprons, just in case, we showed up in his studio on Sunday afternoon, Dominique, Julie, Lisa and me ready to try our hand at something new.  When we arrived all was ready and it became clear immediately that orchids were to be the theme of the day. At each place, there was a gorgeous dark purple orchid to inspire us.  How could we manage that?

Chris was ultra organised and professional, everything ready for the class.

Not to paint this time, but lots of beautiful orchids around Chris’s studio.

And so the lesson began. Chris doing a pencil drawing without looking at the paper – how is that even possible?
It’ll loosen you up, he said.

Our first exercise, do a pencil drawing of the orchid without looking at the paper. A couple of tries at that with mixed success.

Next task, up at the window tracing the pencil sketch onto cartridge paper ready for the painting to begin.


Now learning how to use the inks and water to have a gradation of colour – Chris showing and explaining.

First delicate hues onto the paper.

Darkened petal and even with the white spots, and the stem.

Easy as that to make a start – now it’s your turn.

Chris advising and lending an artistic hand just occasionally, and giving us lots of encouraging comments.


Inks prepared for us with the colours shown and space for us to mix underneath.

My practice sheet with gradations of colour to guide me. How much water and how much ink to use to get the best result.

That first brush mark was the hardest, but already feeling a little confident after Chris’s instruction.

And the paintings begin to look like something, but full concentration needed.

Julie adding some detail to her masterpiece.

Lisa adds the leaves for her beautiful orchids.

How to get that darker green for the shadow on the leaves?


Well ….. my efforts and a bit of artistic license if you look at my inspiration orchid!

Time for prosecco and cake and admire each other’s artwork.

The budding artists at the end of the class – we impressed ourselves.
A few of the rather more delicate and splendid orchids painted by Chris on the wall behind us. 

A big shout out and thank you to Chris Chun for a great experience.

I can wholeheartedly recommend this class to anyone interested in trying their hand at painting or perhaps perfecting your skills.  You can see Chris’s beautiful artworks on his website and check out his website or facebook page to learn more about his workshops so you too can exercise your artistic skills.  A really fun day, why not give it a go?

Wishing you an artistic week ahead.