Joanna MacLean trained as a teacher, and subsequently worked as an educator and event organiser within the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.

Her most recent public speaking engagements have included:

2003-08“The Road to Mandalay” (Cruise Ship of the E&O Line in Myanmar)

Guest lecturer (6 times) for the passenger presenting ‘Images and Perceptions of Myanmar’ and ‘Art reflecting Life.’

2009 Elderhostel (now Road Scholar)

Guest Lecturer on a cruise from San Diego, through the Panama Canal to Fort Lauderdale.

Presented 12 Lectures on: The Great Civilisations of Central America, Discovery and Culture Clash, Mayan Folklore, Building the Panama Canal. People of the Kuna Yala, the Panama Hat, Colombia Past and Present, Colombian Art & Culture.

JOANNA MACLEAN, Lecturer, Author, Photographer

2010 Exploritas (Now Road Scholar)

Guest Lecturer on a cruise from Singapore to South Africa.

Presented 16 Lectures on: Discovering SE Asia, Contemporary Art in SE Asia, Myanmar Images and Perceptions, Tea – the drink that changed the world, The Indian Ocean – explorers, traders, pirates & tourists, The Seychelles, The Blue Mauritius Stamp, Ancient Trade Routes, Discover Madagascar, Buried Treasure, Tropical Fruit, Myths and Legends of Southern Africa, A short History of South Africa, Contemporary Arts and Crafts of South Africa.

20011-present The Asian Elephant Foundation /Naka Foundation

Several presentations to Service & Community groups, schools, university students, on the current situation of the Asian Elephant, in the wild and in captivity, focussing on welfare and conservation.



Joanna has not only a gift for lecturing and an inherent understanding of what makes a subject interesting, but a long and varied experience in public speaking.

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