Dear friends,

When your day starts at 4.30 with a hot coffee in the dark hours just before dawn, the stars above and only the silence of the desert for company, you know it will be a busy day, and so it was. A couple of hour’s drive across the desert to the city of Nizwa famous for its morning goat market, where we spent a fascinating morning. Excuses in advance for so many pix from this morning, but I just loved it, and found the people and goats very photogenic.

Plenty of people gather for the morning goat market.

Serious business …

… and it needs a keen eye.

Just making sure everything there, in the right place, and functioning.

Important to get a good vantage point to look at the goats for sale.

Happy with his purchase of this lovely little kid.

A handsome older man watches the proceedings.

Serious negotiations going on.

On the right, goats already bought, on the left looks like another conversation going on. 

But now they are refocussed on the goats being paraded before them.


Such a sweet little kid, who wants him?

What a charmer.

This couple seem interested in buying a goat, is this the one? 

Never too young to take part in parading the goats for sale.


Both the new owner and the little kid look content with this deal.

Not really happy with having his teeth checked.


An intense look while the bargaining is going on.

 A greeting between friends or a deal sealed.

Brothers or friends, showing off different styles of wearing their kumma.

Two veiled women on the periphery of the sale, but also buying.

Business over for the day, all generations relaxing on the wall.

Keeping a close eye on the action of the day.

Serious discussions or just talk between friends at the close of the sales.

Some say the Omani goats are the most beautiful to be found anywhere in the world.

Looks like these three are off to the same home.

Sale over, a family pleased with their purchases.

This few months old kid not at all happy at being tied up.

Lovely colours of their robes, these two women deep in discussion.

Very relaxed now that the negotiations and selling are coming to an end.

Young boys, not all happy to be photographed, with their goat after the sales.

And the day was still young, with the fort and market to be visited before lunch, and then an old hillside village in the afternoon, but that story will have to be told in tomorrow’s blog.

Until very soon,