Dear friends,

The last part of my North American tour was over the border into Canada, to Quebec to be more precise, and to Bromont to be really exact!  I visited my friends Andree and Denis here in the summer two years ago to help celebrate their wedding and what a pleasure to visit again through another season.  About 20 years ago I visited in the winter, so maybe the next visit should be to see the spring emerging from the snow.

Andree drove down to pick me up from Vermont and we headed back over the border after a tasty lunch in Stowe, a quaint little town in Vermont.

With a friend in Stowe, and clearly still in the USA.

On the road again – only one way to go – north to Canada.

The drive took us through Smugglers Notch, which happily was not blocked for several hours by a huge truck
that had got stuck there a couple of days before for several hours causing a huge tailback of irritated motorists.

Once through some winding hilly roads, the landscape opened up as we approached Canada, showing off her fall colors.

Stopped for some photos by some horses contentedly grazing.

Looking back at me and checking if I had any tasty morsels – I didn’t.

Getting close to Bromont and the colours more gold and green than brown, but there was plenty more colour ahead.

The following day we did a drive around Cowansville, Lake Brome and back to Bromont stopping for a walk on the beach and some window-shopping and then lunch by a tranquil lake.

Enjoying a walk along the beach and skipping stones. Put me in mind of my go-to place in NZ – Lake Wanaka. 

A lovely old house, love the perfect symmetry of its facade.

A window on the lake at Cowansville where we sat to eat our lunch.  What a view.

A kayaker cuts through the still waters of the lake, stunning colours behind.

There’s always that one tree that wants to make a statement, and it did indeed.

Driving back through lands and rolling countryside, it was difficult not to be impressed with the colours,
surely rivalling those of Vermont.

I think this is a barn, but wouldn’t it be a perfect spot for a house, surrounded by autumn’s glowing colours. 

Stopped by a roadside honesty stall – just take the produce you want – vegetables or eggs, and write it up in the book – pay later.

The following day, Andree, Denis and I walked into town, to see the horses and dogs they said, and I wasn’t quite sure what they meant, until later.  But first we walked through town and took in the colours and the autumn festival ‘epouvantail’ (translation from French is scarecrows or bogeymen which were all through the town. They were a cross between depictions of former townspeople and halloween figures.

The church spire rising out of the foliage and stark against the deep blue of the sky.

How pretty is that – a lovely house right on the main street and surrounded by tall trees catching the sunlight.

These golden beauties dwarfing the houses that they stand before.

Andree and Denis contemplating one of the forefathers of the town proudly bearing the flag of Quebec.



Some of the scarecrows – can you find me amongst them too?!
The washerwoman, the apothecary, the dressmaker-model and the witch.

The cemetery, a fitting photo for this theme, was also ablaze with colour.



Just some other stunning colours along the way.



Another glimpse of some of the scarecrows, including the Landry family who lived in this house from 1932 with 8 daughters
and 8 sons.  Look carefully at the ghostly figure in white and see the ghost horse that he is holding.

Almost hidden in the golden leaves.

And then I understood about the horses and dogs coming to town.  The local hunt makes an annual appearance at the autumn festival and they came riding into town and then congregated by the church for everyone to admire them. Rather splendid.

Here they come, clip-clop along the main street.

Looking relaxed and elegant, the horse calm in spite of all the crowds.

A member of the hunt also looking smart in her black and blue jacket.

The Master, unaware that his mount is telling me a long story, and laughing with it!

The members of the hunt and their beagles on display. (Pity about that car behind, rather dates an otherwise trad. photo)

And so that was the highlights from my few days in the charming town of Bromont.  The next day, Andree and I drove northwards and along the southern side of the mighty St Lawrence River and then crossed over to Quebec City where we spent a couple of days. This will be the theme of my next journal entry, so watch out for it in the next day or two.

Until then, all good wishes my friends.