Dear friends,

This day our voyage in Oman continued with a magnificent and for some, a nail-biting, drive through the mountains from Nizwa back to Muscat. The views were magnificent, the road challenging and the village of Bilad Sayt nestled under the barren crags very charming and photogenic.

From one of the highest vantage points, what a superb view, mountains stretching into the distance.

The road snaking down through the mountains. 

Down and down.

Below us, a small oasis among the rocks, just a small pool evidence of a source of water thereabouts.  

With Said at the wheel and guide Mohammed alongside, we were pretty confident on the steep descent and sharp curves.

Meeting other travellers coming towards us necessitated some interesting manoeuvring on narrow roads. 

What is that small patch of green? It’s a football field, with artificial grass. There must be a village somewhere nearby.  

And so there was.  Looking down from where we left the cars to the village of Bilad Sayt.

A closer view as we walked down towards the village.

And closer still, with the houses ranged in neat rows up the hillside

A narrow street with a woman disappearing in the distance.

An impressive doorway to one of the houses.

A woman wears an attractive coloured robe – bright against the dusty shades of the street. 

A view through the palms to the mosque at the end of the village.



Another view of the minaret of the mosque.


Walking back, a glimpse of the village from the date palm orchard.

A small boy watches from the shadow of the wall.

Another photo of this handsome young man.

Walking back through the village, camera at the ready, as always.

Back on the road again, and meeting others climbing up from the other direction. 

Several wild goats spotted alongside the road as we continued on our way.

Lunchtime, and we passed an enjoyable hour in another little oasis.

A well-deserved rest and relaxation for our expert drivers.

Many miles of dusty road later we left the mountainous terrain and reached a small village
on a river where locals and tourists alike refreshed themselves.

Village women deep in conversation.

By the river, a coffee vendor carries all he needs for his customers on his back and in front.

Another vendor cleans his dishes in the stream and cools his feet at the same time.

A hungry scavenger licks his lips after a morsel is thrown to him.

A little family picnic on the river bank.

A couple of village kids walking home through the waters of the stream.

Two women enjoying a companionable afternoon break by the river.

There were many wild cats along the river banks and on the cliffs behind, and being a bit of a cat lover, I amused myself watching their antics. I was particularly attracted to one watchful and wary female and after a while I realised why she was so alert.


A very sweet face and beautiful green eyes.

From the river, she climbed up through the rocks …..

… and across the cliff face ….

…. and then, as she looked carefully around, out from a cave popped two little faces, her kittens.
I wonder if there were more than two.

On this sweet note, so endeth this journal entry.  My next story will be from the city of Salalah, in the far south of Oman.

Regards to all,